IDHSNA 2017 On-Line Auction!

The On-Line Auction from last year using the Items donated for the Silent Auction at the show was a success! Thanks again to All who contributed items and all who bid & won the Items!

We will run another On-Line Auction this year to raise funds for each region to use for promotional activities---so we will use again!

I would like to start collecting Items to place in the Auction, we already have a breeding to Bridon Beale Street! We have an autographed book, *The Irish Hunter* donated specifically for us by Noel Mullins.

What do you have to donate?!!!

Please contact me via email, or call (585) 704-0985 and we will start the List! I'm thinking maybe each contributor could handle shipping to the Winner? We can negotiate on large items!

I would like to get the Auction going in May so let me know ASAP about Items! Thank you All!

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