2015 Inspection Tour Canceled

During a meeting held on June 9th, the Board of Directors voted to cancel the 2015 Inspection tour. While Inspection applications came from five of the six Regions, the applicant pool was such that no single site met the requirements necessary to stand up a site. Board members discussed several alternatives including extending the application deadline and standing up east and west coast sites. At the end of the day, the conclusion was drawn that extending the deadline would not necessarily guarantee the requisite number of applications and an east and west coast alternative would cause significant travel for members.

The decision was very difficult as the Board strongly supports inspections as an essential and fundamental function of the Society. However, that need had to be in balance with the financial requirements necessary to stand up Inspection sites. Member uncertainty around ongoing discussions and research into the feasibility of harmonizing with Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) probably contributed to the applications.

Ultimately, the Board felt it was prudent and in the best interest of membership to cancel. A refund of the 2015 Inspection fee will be offered to owners who submitted an application. The Board is committed to 2016 Inspections and will focus on additional engagement and effort to ensure multi-site Inspections.

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