Virginia Boo Fitch and her IDSH Kiko competiting in USDFD World Championships

Virginia Boo Fitch and her IDSH Kiko are on the road to the USDFD World Championships in Sandringham, England! The team will be representing the USA in the 2014 FEI World Para-Equestrian Driving Championships, June 27-29, 2014. The IDHSNA is very proud to have this pair in our membership. Kiko is by Welcome Diamond (RID) x Moorpark Mystery Date by Moorpark Boy (RID) and she is registered with the IDHSNA. Kiko was purchased in utero by Wendy Ying and foaled in Northern Virginia. She is owned and loved by IDHSNA life-time member Boo Fitch and they have been driving together since 2009. This is an amazing adventure for them and we are excited to bring you this update.

Packing began in early June with plenty of gear needed for both horse and human. Not only are there the basics to pack but two carts and harness needed to make the trip as well. All of the items were loaded up and shipped up to NY where they departed from JFK bound for Amsterdam. Kiko left JFK on June 10th with her navigator, Gloria Ripperton. The flight went well but Kiko was glad to be back on land and gave a good whinny to let everyone know. (Click on photo above to see Kiko on the plane and a cart being loaded.)

The team has been staying in Amsterdam at Stal De Ronde for about two and a half weeks. They are training with the US trainer, Sara Schmidt, while they are there. Dressage and cones work began after just two days of rest. There were a few issues with the footing but studs were placed in Kiko’s shoes and that was a real improvement. Cones work continues and Kiko enjoys “playing” cones!

Today, they leave for England on the ferry from the Hoek of Holland. The ferry ride is overnight so they will arrive in England on the 24th and on to Sandringham. Below is their schedule of events:
Tuesday, June 24th arrive Sandringham
Wednesday, June 25th Course drive for Chefs d’Equipe (athletes will drive the course without inspection) A meeting of the Chefs d’Equipe follows. “Evening of Nations” Each nation will be allocated a table and is invited to bring food and drink typical of their country for others to enjoy.
Thursday, June 26th are Horse Inspections for World Championships and Opening Ceremony
Friday, June 27th Dressage followed by drinks and a reception with presentation of awards for Dressage
Saturday, June 28th First World Championship Competition starts for Section A’s. BBQ and presentation of awards for Marathon.
Sunday, June 29th Cones Driving followed by medal presentations and Closing Ceremony.

There is still time to support this great team. All donations are tax deductible. Click here to make a donation or go to click on Team USA and then Team Kiko. We will continue to keep you updated on this team as they represent us at the World Championships!
Thank you!

Photo below: Training Kiko - Boo Fitch driving; Mary Garren is riding as groom. Photo by Gloria Ripperton
Top photo - left: June and Larry Buracker along with Katie Plazak prepare the carriages for the journey. Photo by Boo Fitch
Top photo - right: Kiko on the plane Photo by Gloria Ripperton

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