Welcome to this NEW site!

The first few weeks of our new site being live are likely to be busy making updates, corrections and training members and stallion owners on it's use. Please be patient as we fine tune your new site. If you have any questions regarding the site, please address them to the Web Team Leader.

MEMBERS - STOP - AND PLEASE READ ALL of this message FIRST! This is YOUR site - keep reading to learn HOW to use it.

Please read this BEFORE YOU START accessing the Members Only portions of the site!! You need to know your login ID and password BEFORE you start making additions or changes... We know you are all eager to start making changes and additions, but PLEASE take the time to learn HOW first - there will be a lot less clean up to be done if you do...

First, and foremost... get your User ID and password from Kerianne or Laurie by sending an e-mail to EITHER: Web Team Leader, Laurie OR Web Administrator, Kerianne. Your Membership Number is your User ID. Once you log into the site, Please make changing your password your first priority after accessing your account...

Second: Do NOT try and create separate memberships for different horses. The horses you are approved to access are already assigned based on official registration records and will show on your 'Member Mypage' once you log onto the existing member account that has been created for every member of the IDHSNA. If a horse you own does not show, please contact one of the aforementioned persons to correct or research for you. (Also do not expect horses registered after Oct. 21 to be in the database. We'll add them quarterly with the next mass addition coming in January.)

Third: The 'Breeder' and 'Owner' fields are NOT free-form. A valid user must exist to assign them. NO horse was set with 'owner' as we will not intentionally make your profile information public. 'If you submit a change to your horse requesting to be set as the 'Owner' or 'Breeder' you are considered to have 'authorized' your profile information to be displayed. We will turn-on this switch for your account and set the horse as requested. The information in your profile will be displayed exactly as it is set in your profile.

Fourth: check the FAQ section under SUPPORT for HOW TO information. This section will be growing daily as we answer questions for individuals and record the answers there to help everyone.

Finally: ASK if you have any questions. This site was not supposed to be available to members until the 10th so we could re-test functionality after the site was moved to our permenant server... We are delighted it is available so soon, but that means you are embarking with us on an "alpha site adventure". Be patient and get in contact with us with questions.


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