PL Diamond Hill  

by Coille Mor Hill
out of Ballygarris Black Diamond (by Diamond Lad)
Reg #MP0401436

Foaled: June 23, 2004
Black, 15.2 3/4
Approved by IDHSNA
Registered by IDHSNA

~Charles and Diane Player
Playland Farm
12924 Molasses Road
Union Bridge, MD 21791
(301) 788-1188

          Golden Beaker
      Clover Hill   Thoroughbred 
      RID • RID 665    Ohilly Beauty
  Coille Mor Hill        
          RID        One Wing
  Lawrencetown Lassy   Thoroughbred 
PL Diamond Hill   RID • RID 8432    unknown
      King of Diamonds
  Diamond Lad   RID • RID 547 
      RID • RID 695    Kildalton Countess
  Ballygarris Black Diamond       RID • RID 10180 
  RID • 11977        unknown