More Photos... Photo: Belinda Jones,
Regalia Prince Arthur  

by Cork Arthur
out of Mountain Heroine
Reg #MP0501353

Foaled: May 19, 2005
Dun, 15.3h / 8.75" bone
Approved by IDHSNA
Registered by IDHSGB, IDHSNA

Breeding Information
Semen Availability: Fresh, Frozen
Breeding Notes:

Stud Fees...
RID Mares - Private Treaty
All others - $1,000
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Diane Petrie

Diane Petrie & Bruce Buell
Fox Hollow Sport Horses
1302 Hickory Hollow Rd. NE
Solon, IA 52333


Breeder: Joan Miller, Regalia Irish Draughts. Regalia Prince Arthur is a lovely and typey young stallion with genetically valuable bloodlines. He exhibits the smaller size, short cannon bones, large heart girth and free movement of the traditional Irish Draught. His athleticism and traditionalism should add the substance, sanity and solidness expected in the ID crosses. The inspectors in 2009 were very pleased with his attributes and gave him high marks all the way around with 243 out of 300 points total. This final score included 20 out of 20 for temperament. He is the ideal choice for both the purebred and sport horse breeders. His attributes exemplify what Fox Hollow horses epitomize - TRADITION, TEMPERAMENT, and TALENT.

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More Photos... Photo: Diane Petrie