King of Diamonds  

by Errigal
out of Ruby
Reg #RID 547

Registered by IDHS


King of Diamonds RID (Errigal RID x Ruby RID). Foaled in 1962, this stallion is one of the pillars of performance Irish Draughts. When he died in 1991, he ranked 7th on the Irish Horse Board’s list of sires of successful show jumpers. He has over 40 approved sons who carry his legacy on today.
          Galty Boy
      Silvermines   RID • RID 97 
      RID • RID 348    Young Hunter
  Errigal       RID • RID 2444 
          RID • RID 466        Irish Pearl
  Baroque   RID • RID 193 
  RID • RID 2987    unknown
  True boy   RID • RID 103 
      RID    Lady Warrior
  Ruby       RID • RID 44 
      Biddins   Thoroughbred 
      Thoroughbred    unknown