Clover Hill  

by Golden Beaker
out of Ohilly Beauty
Reg #RID 665

Registered by IDHS


Clover Hill RID (Golden Beaker TB x a mare by Tara RID). Foaled in 1973, this stallion is another pillar of performance Irish Draughts. From 1990-1995 he ranked 16th on the IHB’s list of sires of successful show jumpers. Today, his legacy continues through his sons and daughters who continue to be successful in the show jumping arena.
          Arctic Star
      Arctic Storm   reg. TB 
      Thoroughbred    Rabina
  Golden Beaker       reg. TB 
          Thoroughbred        unknown
  Corbally Princess    
  JC-TB    unknown
      Forest Hero
  Tara   RID • RID 298 
      RID • RID 369    Union Hall
  Ohilly Beauty       RID • RID 1697 
      Ohilly Lass