Clover Cliste  

by Clover Hill
out of Miss Sue Ellen
Reg #M5009

Foaled: May 31, 1995
Dark Bay, 16:1hh
Registered by IDHSNA


Contact: The Clover Cliste Group; BC, CAN.
Phone: (604) 607-0947 | Email:
          Arctic Storm
      Golden Beaker   Thoroughbred 
      Thoroughbred    Corbally Princess
  Clover Hill       JC-TB 
          RID • RID 665        Tara
  Ohilly Beauty   RID • RID 369 
Clover Cliste       Ohilly Lass
  Ozymandias   JC-TB 
      JC-TB • 14559    Statuette
  Miss Sue Ellen       JC-TB 
  ISH • ISH 1620274        Jab
      Francis   JC-TB 
      ISH • ISH 1156144    unknown