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We Need You!   Oct 11, 2018

The IDHSNA is primarily a volunteer organization and we need you (member in good standing) to join us on the Board of Directors! If you have ideas for ways we can improve our service, then join us and carry that ball over the goal post! Plenty of work to go around!

The following positions are up for Election this year to serve a 2 year term beginning January 1, 2019:
1. President
2. Treasurer
3. Director At Large (1 seat)

The following Regional Chairs would also hold elections if a member of the region is interested in running for the position:
1) Central Region
2) North East Region
3) North West Region
4) South East Region 

JOIN US! 2018 Inspection Dates and Sites   Jun 29, 2018

The IDHSNA is excited to announce 4 inspection sites in 2018. Locations and dates are:

  • Saturday, September 22nd at Blackberry Ridge Farm (TN)
  • Monday, September 24th Holloway's Pretty Good Horse Barn (MT)
  • Wednesday, September 26th at Blackshire Equestrian Centre (MN)
  • Saturday, September 29th at Manu Forti Farm (KS)

  • Our Inspectors are George Chapman and Michael Kirwan.

    Each inspection is a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with other Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport Horse breeders and breed enthusiasts. Get to know the Irish Draught or get to know them better! Spectators are welcome!

    Details (with full address): 

    Four Inspection Sites Announced   Jun 14, 2018

    The IDHSNA is excited to announce 4 inspection sites in 2018. We are planning for sites in or around:

  • Minnesota (Randolph area)
  • Montana (Bozeman area)
  • Kansas (Wichita area)
  • Tennessee (Knoxville area/Greeneville, TN)

  • Inspection dates will be between September 22 and October 3, 2018. Exact dates will be announced soon!  Read more...

    CORRECTION - Annual Blarney   Mar 15, 2018

    Correction (Annual Blarney)
    There is a correction in the Inspected list on Page 45 of The Blarney - Annual Edition just released. The first horse listed should be Fare Thee Well (not Suma's Keepsake).

    FARE THEE WELL by Snowford O’Donnell out of Mac’s Colmerin
    CLASS 1 ID MARE - (Reg# FP0601518)

    Thank you Lyn for bringing this to our attention. While we are unable to correct the printed version, The online edition HAS BEEN CORRECTED and is linked HERE.

    LINK to Inspection Map   Dec 13, 2017

    Interested in following where the horses are that intend to be in inspected? Have numbers to add?? CLICK THIS LINK to see the latest and greatest map! Complete this brief ONLINE FORM if you are considering having your horse/horses inspected in 2018 so the numbers can be evaluated.

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